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Hello I am Jacilin, but you can call me Jlin for short! I help women transform their body, health & get your confidence back!Do you want to lose 10,15,20 pounds or more?
Do you want to feel comfortable in your own skin again? Wear your favorite outfits, feel slimmer and have more energy?
Then I am your coach!With my program I can help you transform your body and so much more!Are you ready?


Real clients. Real dedication. Real progress.


Listen to what clients have to say:

coach jlin

Jacilin Pangilinan, also known as “Jlin”, is a Certified Fitness Coach & a Sports Nutrition Consultant who’s been helping many women in the Bay Area and across the world achieve their fitness goals, dream body and overall health.Jlin is very passionate in what she does and loves her clients dearly. She is a coach who CARES. She will motivate you along the way to achieve what you have been dreaming off.

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Jlin is slowly building a community of strong, beautiful and driven women. You are not only building your booty, but you will meet new people & also make awesome friends who will be there to always push you. Having that kind of group support boosts your confidence and encourages you to do your best at all times.